Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Elham is heading off on an adventure - a true test of her being nearly an adult... flys to NYC on Thursday -for four days in the huge city and then a week driving home the southern route on the way home...   She and her friend Cayla are driving her father's car across country and going to see as much of America as possible... I now we give our children wings..  and i know she has to test them - for strength and durability  - all this i know and get... just do not like it - I really think the true test is in my wings... will they stretch far enough to keep her safe when danger crepts in?  Will they support her when she is sad and lonely?  Will they flutter by at just the right time to remind her that all is well and she has all the right stuff to do whatever is before her? Will they arrive at just the right time to nudge her forward and be there to celebrate a truly cool moment?  Will they hold me up when i feel my heart break as she grows up and heads into this crazy old wonderful, wacky world!   I  see the excitement in her face... the months of planning.. the  intense search of all the goofy things they want to see and do.. the endless chatter that has come from her in preparation for this trip...  She is very mindful of my fretting and has scheduled calls with me and will text and check in frequently.  This trip is as much about me growing and letting go and trusting the universe that i have enveloped her in for all these years..  as it is about my sweet Elham going out and finding her way home, safely!   I have run through all the possibilities of drama that could occur - she is full of information and wise facts... NOW i must let my wings spread and send her on her way...  Big test for this momma bear...  Elham is my counterpart in this world.  We think alike - we bounce ideas off each other - our lives are connected in ways i never knew possible.. She is  amazing - i stand and watch her gather herself for this trip and am awed by her take on life.  She is ready.  Time to fly - time for both of us to fly...  hope my wings are big and sturdy enough to hold me up... I Feel a big huge need for some serious fairy dust right about now...be well!  wendy

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